Champions League – Fixture Difficulty Tracker

Champions League Group Stage

On Tuesday the Champions League finally starts. Fanteam is starting a huge tournament for the group stage where €250,000 is guaranteed. The first-place winner will win an incredible €50,000!

Champions League Fixture Tracker

The Champions League Fixture Difficulty Tracker is designed to help UCL fantasy managers plan their team selection, transfers and rotation during group phases.

To determine the difficulty level of each game, we used the implied odds by the bookmakers. The tracker was sorted by the overall difficulty level and colored to indicate the difficulty level of each game, with dark green for very easy games and red for very difficult games.

The teams are sorted from top to bottom in their probability to win the Champions League 2020/2021. Next to it you can see in which group the respective team is. You can also see which opponent the team is playing against and whether it is an away game (A) or a home game (H).

Teams to watch out for

Manchester City

The only team that has only very easy and easy games in terms of implied odds.

All other teams have at least one more “medium” game, such as Bayern Munich away to Atletico Madrid or Liverpool away to Atalanta Bergamo.

But beware: Manchester City loves to rotate in the Champions League, especially when the first 2-3 group matches have been played victoriously and their players are therefore risky but potentially high rewarding for Fanteam.

Juventus Turin

The only team that has 3 very easy games in a row. First 2 games against Ferencvarosi, then a home game against Dynamo Kiev. This is very important because you only have 1 transfer per matchday and can therefore plan 3 easy Juventus group games.

Borussia Dortmund

Apart from the big teams (which are of course partly much more expensive on average) the only one without a difficult or very difficult game is Dortmund. This is due to the relatively easy group with Lazio, Zenit, and Brugge. Dortmund could therefore be interesting from a price/performance perspective.

Stade Rennes

Of the cheaper teams in the lower third, Rennes is the only team that doesn’t have a very difficult game, but even an easy game (at home against Krasnodar). As a filler, players from Rennes therefore seem interesting.

Istanbul Basaksehir

The only team that has only hard and very hard games. Therefore probably rather uninteresting for the tournament on Fanteam.


The only team, with 4 very difficult games. This is also due to the difficult group with Barcelona and Juventus. Despite the low price of the players, they are probably not a very good option for the tournament at all.

Check out our Analysis Articles for each group, where we point out key players from every team.

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