Champions League Group B – Preview

Group B is one of the more interesting groups in this Champions League group stage. In addition to the royals from Madrid, the group also includes Gladbach, Inter and Donetzk. A group that can end in any possible constellation, with Real Madrid being the clear group favourite.

Let’s get to the key facts:

Real Madrid:

Real Madrid has had difficult years since Ronaldo’s departure, the star is simply missing. Gareth Bale could not live up to his role under Zidane, the hope now lies in Eden Hazard, who is struggling with injuries and weight problems. Nevertheless, I think Eden Hazard and Valverde will play a big role in the group stage.

CornersKroos (8m)
FreistößeKroos (8m)
PenaltiesRamos (7m)

Inter Milan:

Antonio Conte’s team unfortunately lost the Europa League final last year, but this year Inter have a big chance. The Italians are unpredictable, especially with their outstanding offensive, as the Milanese have a world-class forwards duo in Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez.

CornersBrozovic (5m)
Free kicksEriksen (6m), Kolarov (5m)
PenaltiesLukaku (8m)

Borussia M’Gladbach:

Borussia M’Gladbach starts as the clear underdog, Gladbach has been strengthened in some areas, but these commitments in the form of Hannes Wolf and Lazaro are certainly not enough to be a serious competitor to get ahead.

CornersBensebaini (4.5m)
Free kicksPlea (6m)
PenaltiesBensebaini (4.5m)

Shaktar Donetzk:

Shaktar Donetzk, the Ukrainians are good for a surprise year after year, the main focus is on the Brazilians of the team, especially Taison and Marlos are probably the most important players in the squad.

CornersTaison(5m), Marlos (5m)
Free kicksTaison(5m), Marlos (5m)
PenaltiesTaison(5m), Marlos (5m)

Players in the spotlight:

I find Dodo particularly interesting in Donetzk, because of his offensive style of play as a defender, he is always good for a scorer (4.5 Mio).

At Inter Milan Hakimi is very interesting, who is listed as a defender but is most likely to be found on the right wing (6.0 Mio).

At Real Madrid, the world’s most dangerous defender is a must, Sergio Ramos will be wearing Real Madrid, as he is currently in excellent form (7.0 Mio), and to match Ramos’ header strength, Toni Kroos (8.0 Mio) can be added to the team as a corner kicker.

As far as Gladbach is concerned, I think Bensebaini and Thuram are very interesting, Bensebaini(4.5 Mio) because of his work as a penalty shooter and Thuram(6.0 Mio) because of his header strength and speed.

These are my thoughts on the Champions League group stage in group B, in addition Fanteam offers a 250k Seasongame for the group stage.

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