Percy is in college as he hears strange music and you may spots Clarisse Los angeles Rue additional

Percy is in college as he hears strange music and you may spots Clarisse Los angeles Rue additional

Percy Jackson and also the Taken Chariot

Clarisse has been attacked by arrow-tossing wild birds. Percy will get themselves exempt off category and you can visits assist Clarisse to discover as to the reasons the woman is here. Clarisse was surprised, rather than thrilled to discover him.

Adopting the a couple of them has actually beaten this new birds, Clarisse reluctantly agrees to share with Percy why she actually is not in the Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse demonstrates this woman is supposed to be handling Ares‘ War Chariot, and requires to get it returning to Ares‘ forehead from the sunset. However, the woman immortal brothers, Deimos and you will Phobos (gods regarding horror and you can worry correspondingly) keeps stolen new chariot. Phobos relates to taunt Clarisse and gives them a sign on how to locate the fresh new chariot. Along with her, Percy and Clarisse need go to find the chariot during the Staten Island Zoo.

On their way, they come across Deimos, who’s riding a-sea snake, even so they rapidly overcome the lesser goodness and the sea beast and you may keep on their method. During the zoo, it find the chariot and deal with the two lesser gods once more. Phobos and you may Deimos let you know Percy and you will Clarisse the worst anxieties, that are Camp 1 / 2 of-Blood with his family members for the flames and you will Ares respectively. Of the overcoming the brand new illusions, however, Percy and you will Clarisse without difficulty overcome the two lesser gods (it turns out one Phobos and Deimos was each other most weak when you look at the race rather than its vitality out-of fear and you will horror).

In the long run, exactly as sunset is actually diminishing, Percy and you will Clarisse offer the chariot so you’re able to Ares‘ Temple into the Intrepid, an aircraft provider. Percy guarantees Clarisse which he will not share with some body regarding the their bad anxiety. The guy together with informs her you to definitely throughout the attention one Phobos displayed him-out-of just what the guy dreadful most-Clarisse is actually provided as one of Percy’s nearest and dearest.

Percy Jackson and also the Tan Dragon

Percy and Charles Beckendorf are on the same team having Just take the fresh Flag, and also the a couple war-god cabins (Athena and Ares compartments) while the Aphrodite Cabin take others. Beckendorf, a son out of Hephaestus, enjoys a somewhat awkward talk regarding the ladies (as he has actually a no further-so-magic crush with the Silena Beauregard for three years) and you can believes Percy is to query away Annabeth Chase into the fireworks.

It go-off into woods and you can come upon a massive Myrmekes anthill. Silena and you may Annabeth bring Percy, while Beckendorf charge straight ahead with the ant swarm when he attempts to restore a huge bronze dragon’s lead, but immediately is bitten regarding feet and contains acid spit inside the face.

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They in the end get the beast been (an effective dragon no wings) which is a keen automaton as well as have they to assist Beckendorf. They blasts discover this new ants‘ nest while the ants most of the assault the fresh new dragon. At the same time, Percy, Annabeth, and you will Silena dart in the anthill as a consequence of tunnels and you can chambers full of firearms, armour, and you can precious jewelry as well as a method from almost every other magic facts given that it select and also Beckendorf right back out. Once they emerge and begin fleeing, Beckendorf conserves the bronze dragon away from are torn apart by the a huge number of Myrmekes of the activating its‘ greatest defense system that triggers the newest dragon to help you great time arcs of bluish fuel from all over its‘ system.

Adopting the demigods finish watching brand new dragon drive the remaining Myrmekes back to the anthill this new dragon areas him or her and you can turns berserk to them. Percy distracts the newest dragon up to Beckendorf you’ll get on new dragon’s as well as briefly deactivates they. Silena is quite alleviated one Beckendorf are alive, incase the guy requires her on fireworks, she gladly accepts the new invite.

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